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An ongoing success story

"Performance combined with high cost-effectiveness" - a key objective for modern management. The powerful silage wagon meets all requirements for the efficient and cost-effective production of silage, making it the way of the future. The advantages of the silage wagon include less manpower, loss diesel consumption and simple logistics. 

The process of acquiring an optimum forage structure begins with the crop. The forage should no be too finely chopped. If there is along term structure deficiency in the feed, the health and productivity of the animals can be adversely affected. Using the chop length stipulated by food experts the chopping quality of the silage wagon falls into the desired range for ruminants. 

Construction - Body - Hitch fittings

  • Frame construction of 220x70x50x6 - QSTE fine-grain steel
  • The straight side columns are bolted to the frame, not welded.
  • Fine-thread high tensile bolts for frame and side posts
  • Sturdy platform channel profiles and close spacing provide optimum strength.
  • The internal width of the construction is 6.89' / 2,10 m.
  • The roof ropes can be replaced with roof profiles for dry forage or straw.
  • Easy access to the interior of the wagon is provided by means of an access ladder.
  • Floodlights attached to the front panel provide adequate lighting of the loading chamber (LED floodlights as an option). 

High or low drawbar with 2.2 sh t / 2.0 t

  • The drawbar is fitted with two double-acting cylinders and a drawbar damper.
  • A folding parking leg avoids time-consuming cranking when hitching or unhitching the self-loading wagon without fouling on the collection of swath.

Forced steered axles available

  • K80 ball coupling, closed system hydraulic steering, fall-safe.
  • Following tractor tracks on inclines and in the clamp.
  • Turning able up to 60 degrees depending on tractor and tires thanks to narrow design of drawbar, with trailing or forced steering axles.
  • Mudguards as standard. 

Driveline and power transmission

Unique power train

  • Driven by a two-way wide-angle pto shaft, 60-hours lubrication interval.
  • The cam clutch coupling protects the drive train.
  • The torque protection is an impressive 2100 Nm, which corresponds to a peak performance of almost 230 HP (170 kW). 

Heavy duty transmission

  • Power is transmitted from the input gearbox to the loading rotor and onto the pick-up.
  • The rotor is driven by a large bevel gear submerged in oil that is completely maintenance-free. The drive system features a floating axle with precisely machine gears.
  • Using an ISOBUS terminal, an optional load cell on the rotor gearbox, enables the drive torque to be matched precisely to the quantity of crop - the ultimate in crop protection without leaving the cab.

Scraper-floor drive

  • A hydraulic motor drives the scraper floor. A hydraulic motor with single or two-speed rations deliver a maximum unloading speed of up to 56' / 17 meters per minute.
  • The scraper floor is equipped with four sturdy chains.

Beater-rotor drive transmission

  • The fully enclosed driveline to the beaters is routed along the right-hand side of the wagon opposite the rotor drive system.
  • Sturdy right-angle gear boxes and heavy duty chain transmit the power to the beater rotors.
  • The extra strong drive shaft train is protected with a cam clutch set at 1200 Nm.
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High capacity Pick-up

The 1.85-m wide, controlled 6-row pick-up guarantees maximum performance, even in difficult harvesting conditions such as in damp and short grass.

  • The collection area from the pick-up tines to the rotor has been optimised and adapted to the rotor capacity.
  • Maintenance friendly - cam track only needs to be lubricated once a year; the main bearing on the cam arm every 80 loads - lubrication points are externally mounted.
  • Clean forage thanks to tempered transfer plates that help separate the soil from the forage. This protects the chopping the unit.

Only a clean crop can guarantee trouble-free fermentation for high quality silage. 

  • The pick-up is controlled from both ends by a cam track made of steel with a solid center. The sealed twin-groove roller bearings on the cam rollers are designed to withstand high stress.
  • The pick-up tines are swept back to prevent damage to the sward, the throwing up of soil, and unnecessary wear on the tines.

Perfect ground hugging - height adjustable 16 x 6.5-8 trailed jockey wheels.

  • The wheels sweep the ground on the same line as the tines, and guide the pick-up perfectly through each hollow. These wheels are free to castor allowing easy cornering.
  • A height-adjustable windguard with a large diameter swath roller ensures perfect forage flow even when loading is fast and the crop is short and wet.

Pendular hinged pick-up

  • Two hinged support links give the pick-up full mobility.
  • In addition to this, spring suspension ensure low, soil-protecting ground pressure - hydraulic suspension is available as an option.
  • Automatic cut-ff of pick-up drive when raised. 

The silage-lading rotor

Perfect transfer of the crop from the pick-up and maximum loading performance even in difficult harvesting conditions (wet and short forage). Rotor tines feature proven advanced geometry that has been field tested over many years.

  • Smooth, energy-saving penetration into crop.
  • Continuous transfer of the crop from the pick-up and highest loading performance thanks to the wide surface on the ends of the tines.
  • The optimum gap between the knives and tines ensures smooth operation and protects the knives from foreign objects.
  • The Powermatic loading rotor with eight rows of tines arranged in a spiral has a diameter of 800-mm. The theoretical chopped length of the forage is 35- mm; and ideal structure for ruminants. 


The loading rotor

  • The loading rotor is supported on both sides with self-aligning roller bearings. On the drive side the bearings is positioned between the rotor and the gear - reducing the load on the bearing.
  • The conveyor tines are made of hardened fine-grain Hardox 500 and are 10-mm thick.

Maintenance made easy

  • The tine rings are clipped into the inner drum.
  • Each ring can be replaced individually.

Scrapers with 0.79" / 20-mm wide backbone

  • The scrapers are positioned and bolted into place individually. The scrapers are an ideal shape which reduces energy wastage.

The best possible compression in the loading chamber is achieved thanks to the large scraper surface area and optimised rotor tine geometry. As a result the Pottinger TORRO delivers the highest loading performance and load density per cu ft, even with damp crops. 

Unique chopping unit

New "autocut": sharpens knives directly on the self-loading wagon

  • The "autocut" knife sharpener allows for convenience blade sharpening directly on the self-loading wagon. The sharpening circle can easily be pre-selected in accordance with the wear on the knife using the control pad.
  • This considerably reduces maintenance expenses and simultaneously guarantees long lasting optimal cutting quality with lower energy consumption and increased output.

Removing the knives for sharpening, which formerly took place only once a day, thereby impairing the cutting quality, has now come to an end.

  • Intensive use of over 10 to 20  hours per day inevitably reduces the sharpness of the knives.
  • This increases power demands and fuel consumption up to 15%, in stony areas up to 20%.
  • With the new knife sharpening system, the sharpness is maintained throughout the entire day - it is simple and fully automatic.
  • This equals up to 15% more output and also up to 15% less diesel fuel consumption thanks to "autocut". 
  • Access a video of autocut here

Easy Move - The original

Pottinger lead the industry by introducing the Easy Move pivoting knife bank back in 199. This unique pivoting knife bank makes knife changes effortless.

You can't get simpler than this

  • The chopping unit is lowered hydraulically either from the tractor seat or by pressing the button on the left hand side of the wagon.
  • The whole knife bank can be swung out sideways in the traditional Pottinger fashion.
  • The knives can be automatically released via the central knife release and removed without the need for any tools.
  • The pressure springs and rocker arm for securing individual knives are located in the protected area. This considerably reduces the amount of soil which accumulates in the knife mountings.
  • A cleaning scraper, which automatically cleans spaces between the knives every time the knife bank is lowered, is also available as an option. 

Knife Protection

High capacity performance requires equally high triggering pressure. The knives are held individually in the correct position to make sure that a consistent chop length is produced.

What's special at Pottinger: The triggering pressure is independent of the size and point of contact of the foreign body.

  • Smaller pieces fall through the baffle plates between the pick-up and the rotor.
  • Larger foreign bodies are pushed by the rotor on to the knife and move it briefly in the direction of rotation.
  • The trigger roller is lifted out of its holder at the back of the knife. The knife releases the foreign body. The resistance is minimal, which protects the knife!
  • After the foreign body has passed the chopping unit, the knife springs back to its original position.

The most important benefit is that stones in the forage are not pulverized into splinters like they are by harvesters. The result is that there is no risk of injury to the digestive tract of livestock. 

The original with high quality

  • The knife shape provides a continuous sliding cut. The forage is always cut clearly and not torn apart due to its pull-back chopping action.
  • The knives are made of hardened tool-steel and the serration on one side ensures a precise cut even if the knife edge is dulled.
  • The new knives with extra-strong backs and wide wave cut ensures a prolonged service life.
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Automatic Loading System

The constant force progression whilst loading, without torque peaks, is a feature of the TORRO self-loading wagons. There are two integrated sensors for monitoring the status of loading. They check on the loading status and automatically control the scraper floor movement accordingly. This protects the self-loading wagon and the forage. 

Unique sensor on the front panel

  • This measure the loading pressure of damp, heavy grass on the front panel and operates the scraper floor. This prevents the forage from being mashed due to excessive load on the loading rotor.

Sensor on roof panel

  • This sensor measures the load status of the self-loading wagon so that the driver does not have to do so. This prevents the forage from being mashed due to excessive load on the loading rotor. 

The scraper floor disengages when the self-loading wagon is full

  • The limit switch and "wagon full" signals are controlled by the tailgate or beaters.
  • The scraper floor can also be manually controlled. 

Load sensing as standard to save power

  • Pottinger silage self-loading wagons are fitted with load-sensing equipment. The required amount of oil is measured constantly and adapted to requirements. No oil heating, and power saving of up to 20 hp / 15 kW - high efficiency. 

Scraper floor

Reliability for long service

  • The tempered slats are separated and offset
  • The scraper-floor shafts can be lubricated from the side of the wagon.
  • Unloading speed of up to 56' / 17 meters per minute

Unloading automated

A press of a key on the terminal is all that is needed on L and D models.

The wide opening enables quick unloading.

  • The tailgate angle can be adjusted on all TORRO models - from the driver's seat. Prevents crosswind problems during unloading.
  • The beater drive protection of 1200 Nm increases the unloading performance on D models.
  • The beater rotors can be removed if required. 

D-type wagon - new beater rotors

The new beater rotors guarantee rapid unloading and uniform distribution.

  • The new rotor geometry with aggressive tines delivers higher performance with highly compressed forage.
  • Bars on the rotors ensure maize material can be unloaded effectively.
  • A pressure sensor in the beater rotor bearings switches the scraper floor on and off automatically during uploading. The driver no longer has to do this.
  • A third beater is available if required for even better distribution in the clamp. 
Torro D type.jpg

Intelligent operation

All TORRO self-loading wagons are fitted with the controller terminal Power Control. All functions can be controlled directly from the controller. Error messages are also displayed. There is also integrated data-logging.

  • Automatic functions for pure ease of use
  • Ergonomic layout of control keys
  • Back-lit keys are standard

The computer also contains ISOBUS software.

You can use the ISOBUS software to execute other functions such as speed-dependent control of the trailing steering axle, torque sensing controlled loading, and unloading functions. Integrated diagnostic functions and error reports allow problems to be solved quickly. 

Ride comfort up to 22 sh t / 20 total weight

The pneumatic brake system with ALB controls ensures safe braking at high speed with heavy loads.

ABS available as an option.

Hydraulic brakes can also be supplied for markets that require this option.

Forced steered axles available as an option.

K80 ball coupling, closed system hydraulic steering system.

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