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Great technology for tractors from 63 kW / 85 hp.

Silage wagons are the future. The tried and tested EUROPROFI and FARO models constitute an important part of Pottinger's silage wagon range. These powerful wagons are suitable for internal mechanisation or inter-company deployment.

Harvest, load or compact?

There is no set pattern for deciding on the best harvesting process. The decision can only be made on an individual basis. Distances between field and farm, cropping areas, forage yields and available manpower are the most important decisive factors. 

Hitch Fittings

The standard drawbar is a pivoting drawbar with two double-acting cylinders (and optionally, a drawbar damper). The wagon can pass over the horizontal clamp with a clearance of 2.13 ft / 650-mm.

This silage wagon can be fitted with a high or low drawbar. A lost hitch puts more load on the front axle. This is an advantage when travelling on inclines and when passing over the clamp.

All hoses and cables are routed tidily in a loom to the tractor. When parked, they can be stowed neatly in the holders provided.

A folding parking leg avoids time-consuming cranking when hitching or unhitching the self loading wagon without fouling on the collection of swath.

K80 ball coupling as an option. 



  • Profile panels with smooth sides and a special coating ensure that the forage is unloaded smoothly and completely.
  • Close pillar spacing for high strength.
  • Precision-bolted during assembly - no slotted holes.
  • Top bars are height-adjustable for differing height restrictions.
  • Easy access to the interior of the wagon is provided by means of an access ladder (as as option on L-models).
  • The internal width of the body is 6.89' / 2.10-m

All-steel superstructure

  • The extension bars on FARO and EUROPROFI can be adjusted by 120 or 180 mm to modify the overall height.
  • The roof ropes of the FARO 6300 / 8000 and EUROPROFI 4500 / 5000 can be replaced with roof profiles for dry forage or stray. The robust profiles provide better crop compaction.

Dry forage extension

  • A hydraulic folding dry forage extension is also available for FARO 3500 to 4500 and EUROPROFI 4000.
  • These make height restriction of 2.96 m (FARO) and 3.10 m (EUROPROFI) passable.

Driveline and Power Transmission

Unique power train

  • Driven by a one-way wide-angle pto shaft.
  • The cam clutch coupling protects the drive train.
  • The high torque protection ensures high productivity, 1400 Nm on FARO; 1600 Nm on EUROPROFI.
  • High performance power range from 85 to 180 hp.

Heavy duty transmission

  • The robust, toothed gear drive is ideally designed. The drive line leads from a single-row high-performance roller chain (1 1/2 inches) to the loading rotor and then on to the pickup.
  • Automatic chain tensioner.
  • The drive chains of the rotors and pickup are automatically lubricated when the pickup is elevated.

The scraper floor transmission

  • is positioned on the side and is driven by the tractor hydraulics.
  • The speed can be freely controlled from the operating panel.
  • Optional 2 speed motor with Power Control.

Beater-rotor drive transmission

  • The fully enclosed driveline to the beaters is routed along the right-hand side of the wagon.
  • Sturdy right-angle gearboxes and a heavy duty chain transmit the power to the beater rotors.
  • The extra strong drive shaft train i protected with a cam clutch coupling set at 1200 Nm.
  • Central lubrication.

High capacity Pick-up

The 1.85-m wide, controlled 6-row pick-up guarantees maximum performance, even in difficult harvesting conditions such as in damp and short grass.

  • The collection area from the pick-up tines to the rotor has also been optimized and adapted to the rotor capacity.
  • Maintenance-friendly - cam track only needs to be lubricated once a year, the main bearing on the cam arm every 80 loads - lubrication points are externally mounted. 
  • Clean forage thanks to tempered transfer plates that help separate the soil from the forage. This protects the chopping unit.

Only a clean crop can guarantee trouble-free fermentation for high quality silage

  • The pick-up is controlled from both ends by a cam track made of steel with a solid center. The sealed twin race roller bearing on the cam rollers are designed to withstand high stress. 
  • The pick-up tines are swept back to prevent damages to the sward, the throwing up of soil, and unnecessary wear on the tines.

Perfect ground hugging

  • The height adjustable 16 x 6.5-8 jockey wheels follow the ground on the same line as the tires, and guide the pick-up perfectly through each hollow.
  • Trailing jockey wheels are standard for FARO 6300 / 8000 and EUROPROFI.
  • A height-adjustable wind guard with a large diameter swath roller ensures perfect forage flow even when loading is fast and the crop is short and wet.

Pendular hinged pick-up 

  • Two hinged support links give the pick-up full mobility.
  • In addition to this, spring suspension ensure low, soil-protecting ground pressure - hydraulic suspension is available as an option.
  • Automatic cut-off of pick-up drive when raised on D-models.

FARO  Rotomatic - Loading system 

  • The Rotomatic loading rotor has a diameter of 30.31" / 770-mm and consists of 7 rows of tines.
  • The tines are arranged in a helix in order to ensure problem-free and smooth loading without torque peaks.
  • The hardened feed tines are made of Hardox 500 fine-grain boron steel that is 0.24" / 6-mm thick.
  • They ensure the continuous collection of the crop and the smooth preliminary pressing of the forage. This causes the loading chamber to be filled evenly.
  • The Rotomatic loading rotor is located in a frame with self-aligning roller bearings.
  • Manual maintenance is required. The automatic chain lubrication for the main drive chain and pickup is standard to the range. 

EUROPROFI Euromatic Loading system

Focus on smooth operation: 

The Euromatic loading rotor has eight rows of tines arranged in a spiral has a diameter of 800 mm. When the power of the tractor is put to optimum use, the theoretical chopped length of the forage is 45-mm; an ideal structure for ruminants.

  • Perfect transfer of the crop from the pick-up and maximum loading performance even in difficult harvesting conditions ( wet and short forage).
  • Dual tine rings at optimum distance from the knives: smooth running, best chopping quality and protects knives against foreign objects. 

Hardened feed tines 

  • The rotor tines are made of hardened fine-grain Hardox 500 and are 0.28" / 7-mm thick.
  • The tine rings are clipped into the inner drum and tack welded. Each ring can be replaced individually.

Scrapers with wide backbone 

  • The scrapers are positioned and bolted into place individually. Placing the scrapers at an ideal distance from the rotor tines reduces energy demand.
  • The best possible compression in the leading chamber is achieved thanks to the large scraper surface are and optimizes rotor tine geometry. As a result, the Pottinger EUROPROFI delivers the higher loading performance and load density per cu ft, even with damp crops. 

Easy Move - The original

Pottinger lead the industry by introducing the Easy Move pivoting knife bank back in 1999. This unique pivoting knife bank makes knife changes effortless.

Easy Move - you can't get simpler than this 

  • Lowering of knife bank by pressing the button on the left-hand side.
  • Remove the fixing pins and pivot the bank out to the side.
  • Release the knives using the lever.

Excellent cutting quality - forced out 

  • FARO: 54 tine rings, 27 knives
  • EUROPROFI: 62 tine rings, 31 knives

The original with high quality

  •  The knife shape provides a continuous sliding out.
  • The forage is always cut cleanly and not torn apart due to its pull-back chopping action.
  • The knives are made of hardened too-steel and the serration on one side ensures precise cut even if the knife edge is dulled. 

Knife Protection

High capacity performance requires equally high triggering pressure. The knives are held individually in the correct position to make sure that a consistent chop length is produced. What's special at Pottiner: The triggering pressure is independent of the size and point of contact of the foreign body. 

  • Smaller pieces fall through baffle plates between the pick-up and the rotor.
  • Larger foreign bodies are pushed by the rotor onto the knife and move it briefly in the direction of rotation.
  • The trigger roller is lifted out of its holder at the back of the knife. The knife releases the foreign body. The resistance is minimal, which protects the knife.
  • After the foreign body has passed the chopping unit, the knife springs back to its original position.

The most important benefit is that stones in the forage are not pulverized into splinters like they are by harvesters. The result is that there is no risk of injury to the digestive tract of livestock. 

Automatic loading system

The constant force progression whilst loading, without torque peaks, is a feature of the Pottinger loading. They check on the loading status and automatically control the scraper floor movement accordingly. This protects the self loading wagon and the forage.

  1. Sensor on the front gate: even when loading damp, heavy grass, the crop is not 'mashed' by excessive pressure on the loading rotor.
  2. Sensor on the roof section: this sensor measures the load status of the trailer so that the driver does not have to. This significantly improves the filling of the loading chamber. The scraper floor can also be manually controlled.

Wagon full signal

  • When the wagon is full, the pressure on the tailgate causes the scraper floor to be disengaged. This prevents the wagon from being overloaded. 

Scraper floor

Reliability for long service

  • The heavy duty hydraulic motor provides the transmission. The speed can be freely controlled. The scraper floor can also be driven by a two-stage motor (optional)

High performance with four scraper floor chains 

  • The sturdy scraper floor is equipped with four chains. The tempered scraper bars are separated and offset.
  • Simple maintenance - the front scraper floor shafts can be lubricated from the side of the trailer. 

Unloading automated

Automatic unloading system on L-type wagons 

  • Sequence control of tailgate and scraper floor.
  • The wide opening enables easy unloading.

Universal tailgate

  • The tailgate is closed and locked hydraulically from inside the tractor. There is no mechanical locking mechanism.
  • An adjustable tailgate strut is available as an option for unloading in low sheds.

D-type wagons - the new beater rotor guarantee rapid unloading and uniform distribution 

  • A pressure sensor is in the beater rotor bearings switches the scraper floor on and off automatically during unloading. The driver no longer has to do this.
  • The new rotor geometry with aggressive tines delivers higher performance with highly-compressed forage
  • Normal proportioning with wide open tailgate for quickly unloading large crop quantities. The central agreement is fixed at the tailgate.
  • Fine proportioning for measured unloading at the horizontal silo. The central segment is fixed at the tailgate.
  • Additional fine proportioning on the cross conveyor belt or particularly precise dispersal at the horizontal silo. The loading rotor can be removed if required.
  • Third unloading rotor for fine proportioning on the cross conveyor belt or particularly precise dispersal at the horizontal silo. The loading rotors can be removed if required.
  • Hydraulic cross conveyor belt (only with 3 rotors) - optional. The forage is precisely proportioned on the cross conveyor belt and can be unloaded to the left or to the right.
  • On-board hydraulics are available for the cross-conveyor on the FARO for tractors with a hydraulic flow rate below 80 V min. 

Intelligent operation

DIRECT CONTROL - Electronic operation for loader wagon without beaters 

Controls for 

  • Pick-up
  • Pivoting drawbar
  • Pivoting of chopping unit
  • Scarper floor
  • Scraper floor speed
  • Wagon full signal
  • Tailgate
  • Automatic unloading system
  • Dry forage extension

Load sensing as an option to save power 

  • Pottinger silage self loading wagons can be fitted with load-sensing equipment. Th required amount of oil is measured constantly and adapted to requirements. No oil heating, and power saving of up to 20 hp / 15kW - high efficiently. 

POWER CONTROL - Top class operating comfort for wagons with beaters

During long days of cropping, every driver appreciated the fact that all function can be carried out with ease from the driver's seat. Pottinger's future-safe control concept goes one step further. The ISOBUS system is fully integrated into the range. 

The new Power Control terminal also makes operation easier: raised, illuminated keys make it easier to use in the dark, offering and additional comfort factor. 

CCI 100 - 100% ISOBUS

Top class operating comfor, a terminal that does everything. In addition to the features offered by the Power Control terminal, this also enables the control of all ISOBUS machines, regardless of manufacturer.

  • High quality 8.4SDSq TFT color display
  • Backlit touch keys
  • Touch screen
  • 12 softkeys
  • USB interface
  • Camera connection M 12x1
  • Locking of the steering axle dependent on speed and when reversing.



Increasing load volumes and high transport speeds necessitate robust and soil-protecting chassis. Pottinger has made great efforts in this area, responding with high quality tandem axles and tires with large footprints.


Ride comfort

Suspended tandem axle with leaf springs

  • Huge leaf spring (9 springs) provide the necessary safety. Excellent performance in fields, on roads, and when entering the horizontal silo. Spring spacing: 43.31" / 1,100-mm.
  • The compound suspension optimally distributes the ground pressure over both axles. When the trailer travels over large bumps in the ground, the force is distributed over both axles rather than being absorbed by the limit stops. 

Parabolic spring chassis (optional)

  • Parabolic suspension with large spring-to-axle spacing and compensator for height regulation. 

Pneumatic brakes 

  • The 4-wheel pneumatic brake system with automatic load-dependent braking system (ALB) controls ensures safe braking at high speed and with heavy loads.

Hydraulic braking 

  • Hydraulic brakes can be supplied for some countries.


Ride comfort up to 19.8 sh t / 18 t total weight


Robust - yet protects the ground 

Parabolic spring chassis 

  • Parabolic springs with wide support spacing of 1100 mm (rear trailed steering axle 856 mm)
  • Compensating linkage connects the two axles for equal loading - more pressure is applied to rear axle during braking.
  • Compensator arm to cancel oscillations. Perfect suspension characteristics in the clamp-smooth running in the field and on the road.
  • Sturdy linkages transfer braking force and axle guidance.
  • BPW axles with 410 x 120 mm brake pads for powerful braking at high transport speeds.

Trailed steering axle with parabolic springs (optional)

  • No damage to sward, even with really heavy loads. Shock absorbent struts supplied as standard for best driving performance at high speed. 

Pneumatic brakes

  • The 4-wheel pneumatic brake system with automatic load-dependent braking system (ALB) controls ensures safe braking at high speed and with heavy loads. 

Hydraulic braking 

  • Hydraulic brakes can be supplied for some countries. 

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